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Error: "ping; transmit failed, error code 10045" - TID10013609 (last modified 09OCT2002)
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10013609 10013609 10013609

Formerly TID 2942877

Novell NetWare 5.0

Winsock2 Update with Client32


Error: "ping; transmit failed, error code 10045"

Error: "ping; transport failed, error code 10043."

Error: "ping; transmit failed, error code 10091"


TCP/IP problems after upgrading Client32 3.x.

Windows95 workstation crashed during the install of a the 3.0 client.  

After rebooting and reinstalling the client the TCP/IP stack became unusable.

If a connection is made with IP from the client to the server the connection is slow.

IP connection to the server is slow.

IPX connectivity is ok.


Reinstalled Client32


As part of the client installation, WS2Setup.EXE is executed from the install directory of the client.  This is a Microsoft program that updates the workstations's WSock32.DLL and related files to be Winsock 2 compliant.   It also creates a backup of the previous winsock configuration, and saves it in the \<drive>\<windows directory>\WS2BAKUP directory.   Corruption in the IP stack is sometimes caused by this upgrade.


Do the following:
1 - Try running WS2BAKUP.BAT to see if it is a Winsock2 problem.
If it is a Winsock2 problem, apply Winsock version 2.

1 - Remove the Microsoft TCP/IP protocol
2 - Reboot
3 - Re-Add Microsoft TCP/IP protocol and configure appropriately for the environment.
4 - Reboot

If the preceding steps do not work, try the following:

1 - Uninstall the 3.x client using UNC32.EXE
2 - Reboot
3 - Reinstall the NetWare Client.  
4 - Repeat the steps above.

Another customer

Microsoft document Q191064 provides another solution to this problem it states:

" At the command prompt, type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each command
  NOTE: If you receive sharing violation error messages when you run the Ws2bakup.bat file, reboot to DOS and then perform the above steps.

If performing the above steps do not restore the ip stack to a functional state,  try installing something on your workstation that installs a Winsock2 compliant ip stack.   For example, installing Microsoft Dial Up Networking version 1.3 will install the a winsock 2 compliant ip stack.  Download and install MSDUN13.EXE from MicroSoft's website.    You can delete the dial up adapter from control panel, network, and keep the ip stack.
Another option is to download the winsock 2 update from microsofts home page and install that after installing the client.

Document Title: Error: "ping; transmit failed, error code
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Creation Date: 04AUG1999
Modified Date: 09OCT2002
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