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NDS Tree Design NetWare - TID10014936 (last modified 29OCT2002)
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10014936 10014936 10014936

NDS Tree Design NetWare


Formerly TIDS 2919741 2938313


Below are some current GENERAL NDS Design Guidelines that Consulting and Technical Support agreed upon. Please note these are merely guidelines, and intended as FYI only.

Customers needing advanced diagnosis and tree design should Contact Novell Consulting who can engineer a design that meets specific needs.  There are many other factors not mentioned that can effect tree design.

General NDS Design Guidelines are:
1. Design top of tree based on WAN infrastructure
2. Design bottom of the tree based on organization of the network resources
3. No global groups

1. Partition top of the tree based on the WAN infrastructure
2. Do NOT create a partition that spans the WAN (split across a WAN link)
3. Partition around the local servers in each geographic area
4. Partition top of the tree based on size (1000 - 1500 objects). This is not true for NDS v8, the maximum recommended partition size for v8 is 100,000's of users.

1. Maintain three (3) replicas for fault tolerance
2. Replicate locally (if possible)
3. Replicate to provide bindery service access
4. Place a Master replica at hub sites not remote sites.

Specific NDS Design Numbers:
QUICK DESIGN (Always works well)
Partition size: 1000 - 1500 objects (v8 100,000's)
Number of Child partitions per parent: 10 - 15 partitions
Number of replicas per partition: 2 - 5 replicas (typically 3)
Number of replicas per server: 7 - 10 replicas
MINIMUM server hardware: 486/66 Mhz with 32 MB of RAM (NW 4.2 Only)

ADVANCED DESIGN (requires advanced technical knowledge and DS tool knowledge)
Partition size: 3500 - 5000 objects (v8 100,000's)
Number of Child partitions per parent: 35 - 40 partitions
Number of replicas per partition: 10 replicas (typically 3)
Number of replicas per server: 20 replicas
MINIMUM server hardware: Pentium 100+ Mhz with 64 MB of RAM (NW 4.2 Only)

Tree design guidelines are also covered in the following Novell Application Notes. They can be obtained from the web at http://developer.novell.com/research/appnotes.htm or purchased by calling 1-800-377-4136. Application Notes are also available on Novell's NETWORK SUPPORT ENCYCLOPEDIA. Please call 800-NETWARE for information on the purchase of this subscription.

Nov 1993 Time Synchronization
Feb 1994 Naming Standards for NDS
Jan 1995 Planning and NDS Tree
Mar 1995 Using DSMERGE
Aug 1995 Backing Up and Restoring NDS in NetWare 4
Aug 1995 Troubleshooting Tips for NDS
Apr 1996 NDS Performance and NDS Tree Design
Jun 1996 Managing NDS Traffic Across a WAN
Oct 1996 Backing up and Restoring NDS in 4.11
Oct 1996 Maintaining NDS info for 4.11 Server During a Brief Shutdown or Hardware Upgrade
Jan 1997 Design Rules for NDS Replica Placement
Feb 1997 Using the Directory Services Trace(DSTRACE) Screen

Or in the INTRANETWARE Documentation: Guide to NetWare 4 Networks, Chapter 4 - Determining a Partition and Replication Strategy

Document Title: NDS Tree Design NetWare
Document ID: 10014936
Solution ID: 4.0.31605708.2288499
Creation Date: 23AUG1999
Modified Date: 29OCT2002
Novell Product Class: NetWare
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