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How do I change the IP address for the Enterprise Web Server on NW 5.1? - TID10053504 (last modified 20NOV2002)
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10053504 10053504 10053504

How do I change the IP address for the Enterprise Web Server on NW 5.1?


Novell NetWare 5.1

Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare

Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server (NES) 3.5



(1) Go to SYS:\NOVONYX\SUITESPOT\ADMIN-SERV\CONFIG\NS-ADMIN.CONF and open the file up with a text editor.  Under the SERVER NAME you will see the old IP address listed.  Change this to the new IP address.  You should now be able to access the Admin Server or Web Manager.

(2) Go to the Admin Server or Web Manager via http(s)://servername:port#.  Then click on the grey button for the ENTERPRISE SERVER | SERVER PARAMETERS | NETWORK SETTINGS, and put in the new IP address in the BIND TO ADDRESS field and in the SERVER NAME field. ** NOTE ** Only put the IP address in the SERVER NAME field if you are using the IP address there rather than the host name.  Click OK and SAVE AND APPLY.

(3) The last place to change the IP address is under ENTERPRISE SERVER | CONTENT MANAGEMENT | HARDWARE VIRTUAL SERVER, you will find a virtual server with the old IP address specified on port 443.  If you have this Hardware Virtual Server specified you must change it here as well.

**NOTE**  Option # 3 is for the NetWare Enterprise Server 3.5.1 that ships with NetWare 5.1.

(4) In SYS:\ETC edit the HOSTS file and make sure the new IP addres is listed along with the server name.
example: ServerName

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