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Steps to improve the DNS/DHCP management console - TID10060988 (last modified 04SEP2002)
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10060988 10060988 10060988

Steps to improve the DNS/DHCP management console


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1





Slow or unreliable DNS/DHCP Management console.


The JAVA runtime environment bundled with the DNS/DHCP Management causes poor performance. The name of the JRE changed from JRE.EXE / JREW.EXE to JAVA.EXE / JAVAW.EXE.


Replace the JRE with a newer version from ConsoleOne 1.2d.1 or higher. 

Replace the JRE with a newer version from ConsoleOne 1.2d.1 or higher.                                                                                                                                                                                               1. Install the DNSDHCP management console from PUBLIC\DNSDHCP.  If it is already installed, it will typically reside in "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NOVELL\DNSDHCP" (the drive letter may vary)
2. Rename the directory JRE to JRE.OLD
3. Copy the complete JRE directory from ConsoleOne ( for example PUBLIC\MGMT\CONSOLEONE\1.2\JRE\ ) to JRE in "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NOVELL\DNSDHCP\"
4. In the newly created JRE\BIN directory, rename JAVA.EXE to JRE.EXE and JAVAW.EXE to JREW.EXE
5. Run the DNS/DHCP management utility and experience the new look and the improved speed and reliability.

Document Title: Steps to improve the DNS/DHCP management
Document ID: 10060988
Solution ID: NOVL42156
Creation Date: 08MAR2001
Modified Date: 04SEP2002
Novell Product Class: Connectivity Products
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