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Communication problems after applying NW51 sp5 or NW6 sp2. - TID10074067 (last modified 23JUN2003)
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10074067 10074067 10074067

Novell NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 2

Novell NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 5

Novell NetWare 5.x DHCP

Novell NFS Services 3.0

Novell Native File Access for Unix

Broadcom B57 Lan card

HPQ Q57 Lan card


Communication problems after applying NW51 sp5 or NW6 sp2.

All UDP traffic is being created.

Clients not consistently getting ip addresses from DHCP server.

Intermittent DHCP problems.

DHCP static addressing not working after upgrade.

NFS mount requests timing out.

Error:  RPC timeout:  Service not responding.

CLNTRUST fails to authenticate users.

Groupwise client does not show new mail without issuing refresh.

Groupwise busysearch (busy search) is running extremely slow.

Loading of the Groupwise MTA and POA taking in the order of 10 minutes  or more to complete.

SCMD does not work.

DNS fails.

BorderManager VPN client is disconnected shortly after logging in.

SLP failover UDP-->TCP.

Novell ZENworks For Servers Discnodes.txt discovery fails to add any records to the Sybase database.

Migration Wizard trying to do migration and cannot log in to target server.

Other strange behavior reported after upgrading to NW51SP5 or NW6SP2.


UDP packets originating from the NetWare server that are greater than 64 bytes may have a udp checksum value of 0 and an invalid Fragment offset in the IP header. 

The problem has been identified with the B57.LAN and Q57.LAN drivers (and sometimes the N100, usually only when running the Domestic or Export TCPIP stack).  With the updated TCPIP stack in NW51SP5 or NW6SP2, an issue was fixed in the way the stack offloads the UDP checksum information to the driver.


Install the NEWEST TCPIP stack (by date, not Version number), at the time of this writing: TCP581p.exe and TCP605p.exe (P version) fixes the problem.

TCP607J.EXE (nw6) or TCP583J.EXE (nw5) are the latest versions, but are currently in field test, please test these versions in non-production servers before applying to production servers. 

Document Title: Communication problems after applying NW51
Document ID: 10074067
Solution ID: NOVL82010
Creation Date: 30AUG2002
Modified Date: 23JUN2003
Novell Product Class: Connectivity Products
Management Products
Novell BorderManager Services


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