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Console locked - supervisor intruder detected - TID2908785 (last modified 18JUL1996)
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2908785 2908785

The Netware 4.1 server console locked from MONITOR. The supervisor password was forgotton. The supervisor password was changed, but the customer still could not unlock the monitor.

May get the message::
Login 4.12 unknown error which was returned during login attempt to attach. Error code 893D.


The supervisor account was locked due to intruder detection and thus wouldn't accept the supervisor password. The customer resolved the issue by entering NWAdmin and disabled intruder detection in the container where the bindery context was set and was able to unlock the console with the supervisor password.

1.) In NWAdmin, highlight the container where the server with supervisor is defined.
2.) Right-Mouse-click the icon, left-click on details.
3.) Scroll down to the tab labeled "Intruder Detection" and left-click the tab.
4.) If the checkbox left of "Detect Intruders" is checked, click it to disable Intruder Detection.
5.) Login as supervisor, unlock the console.
6.) To make sure supervisor account is not locked out, from the console, type ENABLE LOGIN.
6.) Reenable intruder detection.

If the supervisor password is not known, do the following first:
1.) Login ADMIN /B in the bindery context of the server with the unknown supervisor password.
  (Enter existing ADMIN password followed by NEW supervisor password.)
3.) NOTE: You MUST NOT have a supervisor object defined in NETADMIN or NWADMIN. This will
    block the real supervisor account built-in to NDS. Delete the object you have created.

For more info, see also TID106299 Unable to unlock console with admin password.

Document Title: Console locked - supervisor intruder detected
Document ID: 2908785
Creation Date: 12JUN1996
Modified Date: 18JUL1996
Document Revision: 0
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 4.1
NetWare 4.11


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