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ZEN 1.xx DS Error -128 Streams Files Locked - TID2949145 (last modified 23JUL1999)
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2949145 2949145

The environment is having a problem with synchronization and running DSREPAIR does not resolve the problem. The DS error -128, which is a file locked error and occurs throughout the environment in an apparent random nature. The files that are locked are stream files. It was discovered that there were two causes of the stream files: 1. Win 95 User Policy package. 2. NAL. By disassociating the Win95 user policy package from the container and the users, that resolved the win95 user policy package stream file from being opened and the DS error did not occur. The stream file was for the NRD: Registry Data attribute of the user (which is created after launching NAL).

Different versions of Z.E.N.works are running on the servers in the environment. The users have mapped drives to just one server. The DS -128 error occurred when a user logged in and followed that user for a time, but were intermittent--when logged in the next day, the error would not occur for that user but someone else.


While installing NDS Manager, some files were moved into SYS:PUBLIC\WIN95 and SYS:PUBLIC\NLS\ENGLISH that were older and not part of the ZEN installation on that server. Which files were copied is unknown.


Restored the SYS:PUBLIC\WIN95 and SYS:PUBLIC\NLS\ENGLISH and the DS error -128 did not occur again. The version of Z.E.N.works that was installed on that server could be reinstalled to get the files current again. Any patches that had been applied would have to be reapplied if the reinstall was done.

Another environment reported this problem when installing the zen 1.1 from CD. If you install it from the Starter pack off the WEB then it appears to have the updated NRD files in it. So reinstalling ZEN from the starter pack and verifying it updates the NRD files should correct the problem.

Customer Reported: After installing the ZEN 1.1 Starter Pack, Verify that the NRDDLL95.DLL (1 May 1996, 11:19:24 am, 159744 bytes) was replaced with the version dated 2 July 1996, 05:48:58 am, 157696 bytes (obtained from another server). After doing this, the SYS:_NETWARE NDS files were not held open.

Key words: NRD, NRD:, NAL, ZEN, Z.E.N.works, DS, -128, Locked, Mixed, NRDDLL16.DLL, NRDDLL95.DLL, Streams.

Document Title: ZEN 1.xx DS Error -128 Streams Files Locked
Document ID: 2949145
Creation Date: 18MAR1999
Modified Date: 23JUL1999
Document Revision: 5
Novell Product Class: Management Products
Novell Product and Version: ManageWise
NetWare 4.11
NetWare 5
ZENworks 2


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