Walter Schulz
2009-01-01 08:00

(noch auf englisch)

NAL (Netware Application Launcher) gives network administrators the option of "pulling" or "pushing" software to desktops. Pull distribution lets you surface an application icon on the user"s desktop. Clicking the icon launches an application (which resides on a server) or runs an install program, placing the application on the user"s hard drive before launching it. Push distribution loads applications onto target desktops without user intervention. This helps in distributing software that needs to reside on desktops, like an operating system or network client updates, as well as e- mail and custom business applications. (Server-to-server software distribution will be available in the future.)

[Novell AppNotes 8/97]

Diese Information gilt für Version 2.0. Aktuell ist die Version 2.5.

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