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Server abends when accessing print queue - TID1000917 (last modified 01JUL1995)
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1000917 1000917

Anytime the print queue is accessed the server will abend. This happens when selecting the queue in pconsole, sending a job to the queue after it is captured, when the pserver.exe tries to come up, & when accessing the print queue in Windows print manager.


The customer had tried to delete the directory and had somehow gotten it flagged as hidden. He thought it was gone but it wasn't.


There was a corrupted file in the queue subdirectory.


After making certain the queue subdirectory was gone the customer could delete the corrupt queue in pconsole and recreate it.

Document Title: Server abends when accessing print queue
Document ID: 1000917
Creation Date: 25JAN1995
Modified Date: 01JUL1995
Document Revision: 1
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 3.12


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