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Novell eDirectory 8.6 Readme Addendum - NetWare 6 - TID10063534 (last modified 13FEB2003)
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Novell eDirectory 8.6 Readme Addendum - NetWare 6


Novell NetWare 6.0



Novell Technical Support provides this document for the purpose of helping customers during an upgrade to eDirectory 8.6 on NetWare 6. It is important to note that you should use this document in conjunction with the product documentation. This document is a LIVING document and will be updated frequently to keep the most current and up to date information available to all customers.  


There are four major sections to this document:



Backup Novell Directory Services

When performing an upgrade to eDirectory 8.6, the underlying database for NDS/eDirectory is upgraded to the latest database version. Once the upgrade is performed, it is not possible to downgrade to an earlier version of NDS/eDirectory.  For disaster recovery, it is advisable to make a backup of the directory incase of problems during the migration.

Grab a database backup for each server being upgraded.  The easiest way to do that is by using DSREPAIR -RC.  

In NDS6.x and NDS7.x the backup will be placed in SYS:SYSTEM\ called DSREPAIR.DIB
In NDS8.x and NDS85.x the backup will be placed in SYS:SYSTEM\DSR_DIB\ called 00000000.$DU, the backup will create a new file for every 100Mb of data in the NDS by incrementing the filename e.g. 00000001.$DU.  If the file already exists, it WILL be overwritten.  These files can ONLY be restored by Novell Technical Support.

"TID #10066145 - Using TRUSTBAR.NLM to backup file system trustees"

It's always a good idea to make sure there are current backups of the server before doing any type of inplace upgrade or across the wire migration.  In addition to normal tape backups, the following should be performed before upgrading.

Backup all file system trustees on all server volumes.  Use TRUSTBAR.NLM to backup file system trustees.  To learn about TRUSTBAR, see solution "TID #10066145 - Using TRUSTBAR.NLM to backup file system trustees"  TRUSTBAR only works on with NetWare 5.x or higher.  For NetWare 4.11, use TBACKUP.  See TID #10062363 - How to use TBACKUP.EXE to backup and restore file system trustees.

TID #10066591 - Novell eDirectory 8.6 or higher NDS compatibility matrix


Before upgrading a server to NetWare 6, read the minimum upgrade requirements provided in the Novell NetWare 6: Overview and Installation Guide documentation. The server to be upgraded must be running one of the following:

* NetWare 5.1 with Support Pack 2a or later
* NetWare 5 with Support Pack 6a or later
* NetWare 4.x with Support Pack 9 or later

All existing servers should be at the latest version of the NDS/eDirectory modules prior to upgrading to NetWare 6.  NOTE:  These guidelines must ALSO be followed if upgrading a NetWare 5.1 server to eDirectory 8.6.  The following is a list of minimum DS versions.  It is recommended that you apply the latest public releases of Directory Services found on the minimum patch list at support.novell.com.  

* eDirectory 8.6 (default DS for NetWare 6)
* DS version 6.17 or greater with NetWare 4.x
* DS version 7.60c or greater with NetWare 5.x
* DS version 8.83 or greater with NetWare 5.x
* DS version 85.29 for eDirectory 8.5

NOTE:  Anything previous to NDS 8.78 and eDirectory 85.23 can cause synchronization issues.  Please see solution TID #10066591 - Novell eDirectory 8.6 NDS compatibility matrix for a further explanation.

Verify the above listed NDS/eDirectory versions are updated on all servers within your environment before upgrading to NetWare 6 or to eDirectory 8.6.

Use Deployment Manager.

Before installing or upgrading to NetWare 6 in an existing network, complete all relevant steps in the Network Preparation section of the NetWare Deployment Manager (NWDEPLOY.EXE). NetWare Deployment Manager runs on a Windows workstation and is located at the Root of the NetWare Operating System CD.  NWDEPLOY or DSREPAIR from the patches directory on the CD MUST be ran prior to upgrade if the first NetWare 6 server being added to the tree DOES NOT hold a copy of root.  

If running eDirectory in a NON-NetWare environment (WindowsNT/2000, Linux, Solaris, AIX), the NetWare Deployment Manager does NOT need to be run.  Importing remote schema into a NON-NetWare tree is NOT necessary and NOT recommended.

For complete instructions on preparing the network, see the NetWare 6 Overview and Installation Guide.

Disk Space Requirements Needed for Upgrading to eDirectory 8.6

During the process of upgrading from NDS 6.x (available on NetWare 4.x) or NDS 7.x (available on NetWare 5.x) the database will transition from one database format to another. To transition from one database format to another it is necessary to have sufficient disk space to handle the upgrade appropriately. It is recommended that you allocate disk space to four times the size of the NDS database and associated files. To retrieve the amount of disk space needed for your current database, you can run DSREPAIR -RC, which will save a file called DSREPAIR.DIB to your SYS: SYSTEM directory. The size of your DSREPAIR.DIB should be multiplied by four to determine the amount of disk space necessary for the upgrade to eDirectory 8.6. By performing the DSREPAIR -RC procedure it will also create a backup of your NDS database.

Novell Certificate Server

If you are upgrading a 5.x server that is the primary holder of the Certificate Authority to NetWare 6, additional steps will need to be followed when bringing other 5.x servers into the tree after upgrading to NetWare 6. This is related to a compatibility issue between NetWare 6 NICI and NetWare 5.x NICI. If installing a NetWare 5.x server into the tree where the NetWare 6 server holds the Certificate Authority, the NDSPKI:SD Key Server DN attribute on the W0 object should be temporarily pointed to a NetWare 5.x server during the installation.  Then point the attribute back to the NetWare 6 server after the installation is complete.

The second way to get around this problem is to install the NetWare 5.x server into its own tree, upgrade it to NICI 2.0.1 or later, remove Directory Services off the server, install the 5.x server into the production tree, and then reinstall Novell Certificate Server from the server console or through the NetWare Deployment manager.  For more information on this procedure, see the Novell NetWare 6 Readme.

TID #10066345 - 699 error when importing schema from a NetWare 6 Server  

Before introducing NetWare 6 into in an existing network with NetWare 5.0/5.1 and/or NetWare 4.11/4.2 it is recommended to install a NetWare 6 server into its own tree and import the NetWare 6 server schema into your production tree.  

To determine if there will be a difference in schema SYNTAX before installing the NetWare 6 server into a TEMPTREE, please see TID #10066345 - 699 error when importing schema from a NetWare 6 Server before continuing.  If you have verified that your schema SYNTAX is correct, then do the following:

Install a NetWare 6 server into its own tree (ex = TEMPTREE).  During the install choose custom and when prompted, choose to install all products on the NetWare 6 server. (It is recommended that all products be installed so that all schema extensions will be available when importing.)  Once the NetWare 6 server is up in its own tree import the schema from the temporary tree into the production tree.  For more information on how to import remote schema, refer to TID #10066604 - Steps to import remote schema with DSREPAIR.

In some isolated cases, the schema import will abort on a schema class.  Refer to DSREPAIR.NLM | Advanced Options | Schema Import fails for more information on how to remedy this situation if it occurs.



TID #10065372 - Directory Services upgrade to eDirectory 8.6 or 8.5 fails with -613 synchronization error

With the introduction of eDirectory 8.5 (DS version 85.xx), the attributes creatorsName and modifiersName on an eDirectory object became populated. There have been cases were the wrong syntax was defined in schema for both these attributes resulting in -613 errors during the synchronization of objects. If you have ever used eDirectory 8.5 (DS version 85.xx) in the tree, you should refer to the TID mentioned above to verify your schema for the attributes creatorsName and modifiersName before introducing NetWare 6 and eDirectory 8.6.

TID #10068440 - DIBMIG.NLM phases and how to recover from each phase

DIBMIG.NLM is what converts or upgrades RECMAN versions of Novell Directory Services (NDS 6.x/7.x) to FLAIM versions (NDS 8 or higher).  See this solution if there are any questions or problems with the DIBMIG process.

TID #10068442 - Failure updating NDS database error code 1

Although this error could have multiple meanings, one possibility is that DIBMIG didn't clean up the old database files and is still trying to load and convert the database each time the install restarts.  This error will most likely appear during the initial stages of the GUI installation.

TID #10067431 - Error: -603 in DSREPAIR after running DSREPAIR -A0

-603 errors in either DSREPAIR or in DSTRACE.  "creatorsName" and "modifiersName" attributes are missing in schema on select servers.

TID #10066146 - ABEND: ReturnAConnectionNumber found a logged out connection

Error: "-699 Fatal Error" can be seen in SET DSTRACE=+s

NOTE:  This -699 error is not to be confused with the -699 error when importing schema explained above.

In certain environments after introducing NetWare 6, -699 errors may appear when running Report Synchronization Status in DSREPAIR or in DSTRACE.  There is a new FILESYS.NLM available in NetWare 6 Support Pack 1 (NW6SP1.EXE) that fixes this issue.  You can also download a stand alone version of the patch (NW6FS1a.EXE - TID #10066146.), but it is recommended you apply the entire Support Pack.  If using just the patch, copy the new FILESYS.NLM to the C:\NWSERVER directory on the NetWare 6 server and then reset your server.  If doing this remotely, make sure and use RESET SERVER from the Console Prompt and NOT RESTART SERVER.



Multi-Threaded Synchronization - TID #10065804 - NetWare 6 servers not being updated in Report Sync Status

With the introduction of eDirectory 8.6 into a network environment comes some major differences in the way DS synchronization occurs.  eDirectory 8.6 now has the ability to perform outbound synchronization using multiple threads.  We are still limited to single-threaded inbound sync with eDirectory 8.6, however multi-threaded inbound sync is slated for future releases of eDirectory.

There are two different methods that DS will now use to synchronize DS.  To read more on these two methods, see TID #10065779 - The difference between "by Partition" vs "by Server" synchronization

In certain scenarios we have seen a problem with the "by Server" synchronization method not updating the NetWare 6 servers' timestamp information when running a Report Synchronization Status in DSREPAIR.  This issue is cosmetic.  See TID #10065804 - NetWare 6 servers not being updated in Report Sync Status for more information.  eDirectory 8.6.1 or higher resolves this issue.

TID #10065389 - DSREPAIR.NLM | Report Synchronization Status reports "0 Local" errors

0 local errors report in Report synchronization status on NDS 6.xx, NDS 7.xx, NDS 8.xx or NDS 85.xx to a NDS 8.6 (10110.20) or greater
This is a cosmetic error and has been resolved in the following DSREPAIR versions.  

NDS 6.xx - DSREPAIR 4.72b or greater
NDS 7.xx - DSREPAIR 5.28b or greater
NDS 8.xx/85.xx DSREPAIR 85.12a or greater
NDS 8.xx/85.xx for NT/2000 DSREPAIR 85.12 or greater

These new DSREPAIRs are available via PREEDIRF.EXE  or greater

NOTE:  if you are already running these versions of DSREPAIR, there is no need to apply PREEDIRF.EXE.

TID #10065733 - Users cannot login to a NetWare 6 server

User licenses can NOT be installed during the NetWare 6 install process, only server licenses are installed. Use iManage to install the user licenses.  See the linked TID above for instructions on how to install licenses through iManage.

TID #10066686 - Error: -608, Illegal Attribute after NetWare 6 install

In a few instances, when the master of [ROOT] is running NDS 6.x or NDS 7.x and that server is upgraded as the first NetWare 6 server in the tree, NetWare 6 schema is added to that box but has not synchronzied throughout the tree, causing the -608 errors.  This can be prevented by performing the schema import mentioned above before the upgrade.  



TID #10066603 - Catalog Services and eDirectory 8.6

Catalog Services is NOT shipped with NetWare 6 but will still function if the current production tree has Catalog Services currently implemented.  See the solution above for the details.  

eDirectory Performance Considerations

The most significant setting that affects eDirectory performance is the cache.  For more information on the differences with cache, please refer to the eDirectory 8.6 Administration Guide under section "Maintaining Novell eDirectory" and sub-heading "Improving eDirectory Performance"  The cache settings are now configurable with NDS iMonitor under Agent Configuration | Database Cache.

TID #10066623 - New versioning standards for eDirectory 8.6.

With the introduction of eDirectory 8.6, all eDirectory components have newer marketing and build version formats that may be confusing (DS.NLM version 10110.20). These formats are meant to eliminate any confusion for future releases.  For more information on how to read these versions see the TID link above.

TID #10065699 - Objects sync continuously since introducing eDirectory 8.6 or 8.5

Objects sync over and over, yet SET DSTRACE=+S is All processed = Yes since introducing eDirectory 8.6.  Transitive Vector values are missing on the transitive vector attribute. See attached TID for resolution.  This issues is resolved with eDirectory 8.6.2.

TID #10066785 - 605 errors after running DSMERGE with eDirectory 8.6 -- Merging two trees using eDirectory 8.6

If the Masters of [ROOT] for both the Target and the Source tree are running eDirectory 8.6, the merge will complete successfully.  If the Master of [ROOT] of the Source tree is not running eDirectory 8.6, see the TID link for more information.

TID# 10066856 - Users can not login to Novell Directory Services (NDS)

There is an issue with SLPDA v2 and eDirectory 8.6.  It a lot of cases, if the SLPDA.NLM is ran on the NetWare 6 box, DS.NLM will stop communicating every few days and must be unloaded and reloaded.  Support Pack 1 for NetWare 6 resolves the issue with an updated SLPDA.NLM.  Please refer to TID 10066856 for more information.

TID #10066043 - Login fails during a migration to NetWare 6

Errors: -618 -663, or -723 appear on the server console.
Please call Novell Technical Support to resolve this issue.

TID #10067403 - Response File Must Be Updated With Each Support Pack

When creating an overlay file for NetWare 6 SP1 NLDAP will not be setup correctly if the original response file is used.  Some of the options will not be configured properly and Load NLDAP will not be added to the AUTOEXEC.NCF file.

For additional information on eDirectory 8.6, please see the following solution.  TID #10066455 - eDirectory 8.6.1 Readme Addendum

For additional information on NetWare 6, please see the following solution.  TID #10064501 - NetWare 6 Readme Addendum

Document Title: Novell eDirectory 8.6 Readme Addendum -
Document ID: 10063534
Solution ID: NOVL52932
Creation Date: 13JUL2001
Modified Date: 13FEB2003
Novell Product Class: Connectivity Products
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The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. Novell makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.

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