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IWSB: Disk partition options during install - TID2921736 (last modified 20MAR1998)
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During the installation of an IWSB server the user is not prompted to set disk partition or volume size. The INSTALL.NLM automatically assigns all available space to a NetWare partition and creates this as Vol SYS.

This is how the system was designed in an effort to make the install process as painless as possible to the small business user. However, it is still possible for the user to exercise control over the size of his disks by following the procedure below:

1. Start normal install of IWSB
2. After install process has copied the files to the local drive and has loaded SERVER.EXE for the next stage of the installation, abort the install by pressing Alt-F10 when prompted to do so.
3. Manually load the install nlm with the server options switch to allow the display of the server options menu e.g.
4. Switch to the server console and load the ICMD.NLM (located in C:\NWSERVER)
5. Switch back to the INSTALL Screen
6. Choose Installl a new 4.11 Server and continue the install process manually. You will now have the option to set the disk size

NOTE - Carrying out an install in this fashion will involve a lot more user interaction than is required during a standard IWSB install.

Document Title: IWSB: Disk partition options during install
Document ID: 2921736
Creation Date: 26FEB1997
Modified Date: 20MAR1998
Document Revision: 3
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 4.2
NetWare for Small Business 4.11
NetWare for Small Business 4.2
intraNetWare 4.11
intraNetWare for Small Business 4.11


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