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Show Dots and intraNetWare Client32 Win95 - TID2930588 (last modified 17AUG1998)
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2930588 2930588

The setting under advanced properties of the intraNetWare Client for Show Dots is no longer listed with the 2.2 version of the intraNetWare client for Windows 95. Customer has an old DOS utility which requires this functionality to walk the directory tree on the network side.


The property was purposefully removed but the registry can be edited to give the same results:

HKey_local_machine \ Network \ Novell \ System Config \ Netware DOS Requester \

A Key called Show Dots should be created here if it does not already exist. Add a new String Value called 0 (not O the letter, the numeral zero - 0) and the Value Data of "0" should be ON.

There are no specific problems which caused the removal of Show Dots from the parameter list, just an attempt to simplify and remove infrequently used pieces.

Document Title: Show Dots and intraNetWare Client32 Win95
Document ID: 2930588
Creation Date: 02OCT1997
Modified Date: 17AUG1998
Document Revision: 2
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: Novell Clients
intraNetWare 4.11


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