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REVFHRFX.NLM patch for NW 4.11 - TID2952441 (last modified 03APR2000)
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2952441 2952441
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revfhrft.exe; 91403 bytes; Date/Time: 04-03-2000/10:13AM


This patch is contained in the NetWare 4 Support Pack 8a.

This patch is for NetWare 4.11/4.2. This File addresses an issue in which a file opened once by different threads (one open in each thread) in an application and then closed leaves an instance of the file open, even after exiting the application. This problem could cause the server to run out of memory and/or hang.


Install this patch by first loading the latest PK411.NLM patch. This patch can be found in the latest Support Pack for NetWare 4.11/4.2.

Copy the REVFHRFX.NLM to the C:\NWSERVER directory. After the load line of the PK411.NLM patch in the STARTUP.NCF file, load this new patch with the "PMLOAD" command.



An application running on Windows 95/98 workstations will sometimes open the same file multiple times on the same connection and then close it. However, it appears that with the Novell Client on Windows 95/98, file closes on multiple opens are not being closed out correctly. Ultimately, if this is allowed to continue, the server will run out of resources and hang.

For additional information reference the following documents:
  TID 2950718
  TID 2948304


Self-Extracting File Name:  revfhrft.exe

Files Included       Size   Date         Time    Version   Checksum

  REVFHRFT.TXT       2480   04-03-2000   10:13AM
  REVFHRFX.NLM       1132   03-09-1999   02:31PM
Document Title: REVFHRFX.NLM patch for NW 4.11
Document ID: 2952441
Creation Date: 07JUL1999
Modified Date: 03APR2000
Document Revision: 8
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 4.11
NetWare 4.2
Novell Clients


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